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We strive to maintain our reputation for excellence in customer service and quality care.  We offer a team approach to rehabilitation that includes physical and occupational therapists and a speech language pathologist. Our rehabilitation services are geared to help those needing short stay and long term inpatient therapy, as well as, those in the community needing outpatient therapy.


The Rehabilitation specialists are skilled in offering some of the most innovative therapies available today. Modalities like Anodyne Therapy, are used to enhance care for people needing more than traditional therapy. The staff works hand in hand with nursing to ensure that residents continue toward their therapy goals while on the units. Ultimately the goal is to help people reach their highest level of independence and return to the things they love to do.


  • Physical Therapy

    Our Physical Therapists enhance mobility through the use of skilled, hands on treatments, functional techniques and state of the art exercise and diagnostic equipment promoting improved strength, balance and endurance. Resident's pain is addressed, assessed and managed through the use of modalities and functional mobility to promote tissue healing, comfort and enhancement of overall wellness. Proactive wound care prevention and family/staff education complement our Physical therapy department.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Our Occupational Therapists assist residents to achieve maximal potential in areas of self care. Dressing, grooming, toileting, and eating skills are assessed. Through the use of strengthening, balance activities, visual perceptual skills, energy conservation and the use of adaptive equipment, the resident is given the opportunity to enhance their quality of life. The department offers a home like setting including a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom, which provide a realistic environment for assessing the safety and judgment skills needed for potential discharge to their home setting.

  • Speech & Language

    Our Speech-Language Pathologist primarily focuses on diagnosing and treating swallowing problems which arise from the aging process, disease or illness. Using a team approach with the Occupational Therapist, Dietitians, Diet Techs and Nursing staff further enhances the swallowing program by ensuring that recommendations are encouraged and monitored on a regular basis. Family and staff training is provided regularly. Additional services for speech and language disorders, including difficulty understanding and difficulty speaking, reading and writing are also provided.